We at Amos Katz &co. CPA, specialize in the training, representation, consultation and full support of nonprofit organizations. Since 1987, we have been providing ongoing assistance to such organization, starting with the opening of the organization, and throughout their activities, including assistance in obtaining required approvals and complying with the provisions of the law.
It is important to note that the company has various laws, regulations and rules of regulation from other corporations that require expertise on the part of the lending entity.

Among the services provided by our office

  • Registration of the nonprofit to the authorities
  • Accounting services for nonprofits
  • Guidance of the Association Committee on how to manage the nonprofit in accordance with the law
  • Assistance in obtaining approval for the purposes of section 46 (approval of donations)
  • Assistance in obtaining proper management approval
  • Assistance for the examination of eligibility for assistance to nonprofit organizations
  • Help with editing a verbal report
  • Editing and auditing financial statements
  • Submission of reports to the authorities
  • Advising the organization on accounting and financial matters, advising in proper and optimal conduct to the authorities
  • And a long list of comprehensive services for nonprofits

For more information, please read our comprehensive guide on the rules of proper management of a nonprofit

If you are looking for a professional accountancy firm with experience in training, representation, consulting and support of nonprofits, we will be happy to arrange a consultation meeting for you free of charge.

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