Amos Katz &co. – Certified Public Accountants is one of the largest accounting firms in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

We provide services in the fields of auditing, taxation, consulting, financial support and account management. The firm has ~45 employees headed by Amos Katz.

The firm was founded in January 1987, and from then until today has developed and has rapidly grown. The firm provides its clients with professional services of the highest standard which include a thorough understanding of the customers’ complex business needs.

נוף מחלון במשרדנוThe firm assists in tailoring tax plans according to customers’ needs, all of which, of course, is within the framework of the law. As the Honorable Justice Witkon said – “The law interprets situations and actions and adds physical results to the tribe or to the mercy, and it is artificial to act in a manner that bypasses the intent of the law in order to avoid liability or to benefit. But when the law itself opens the door to granting a benefit, economically although it seems strange, no complaints should be made against the taxpayer who puts himself in his beliefs …”

The firm’s clients receive close and personal attention from a team of senior and junior employees. We work around the clock to ensure the best service. The customer will never get the answer “I do not have time.” In the course of our work, we want to be the leaders, while managing the creative and the conservative at the same time.

Amos Katz &co.’s activity is based on a customer-oriented strategy that provides the customer with a complete solution, with a deep understanding of the unique business environment that characterizes the field in which it is in. In the spirit of the professional philosophy of Amos Katz &co., which views every business or individual company having a variety of business needs, customers enjoy a variety of services tailored according to the customer’s activity and needs.

Our firm provides professional services to companies and private businesses, to governmental organizations and nonprofit institutions in almost every industry. A variety of customers requires that we are able to provide clients with not only audit services but numerous services.

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