Amos Katz &co. CPA is a veteran firm that has been operating since 1987 and provides comprehensive tax and tax planning services.
As is well known, a central component that affects the level of wealth of a person is the tax rate to which he is exposed, since it is not enough to take into account the scope of his income, not even the scope of his assets, but also take into account the tax rate to which his income is exposed, will be exposed in the future when he sells or transfers the assets.

In many cases, through legal tax planning, it is possible to significantly reduce the tax burden that applies to the person today or will apply to him in the future. Our firm provides tax advice, assists in the utilization of various tax benefits, and assists in the construction of tax planning for customers, all as stated by law.

Among Other Things, Our Office Provides the Following Tax Services:

  • Planning the tax benefits for retirement – exhaustion of tax benefits in pension savings (from the stage of deposits until their future withdrawal), and the components of retirement payments
  • Long-term tax planning: acquisition of assets, examination of holdings structures, inter-generational tax planning, and more
  • Submitting reports to the tax authorities, while verifying the utilization of the tax benefits to which the customer is entitled – including benefits to which the customer is entitled according to the various tax conventions
  • Representation in proceedings before the tax authorities
  • Examination and consultation in residency contexts – the fact that a person is a resident of Israel or a foreign resident has significant ramifications in the context of the tax mechanism applicable to him
  • Voluntary Disclosure – an active approach to the authorities in a process that provides incriminating protection (including the use of the Temporary Order that allows for anonymous appeal)
  • Handling tax refunds, and more

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