Amos Katz &co. Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) in Jerusalem, Israel

Amos Katz &co. (C.P.A) is one of the largest CPA offices in Jerusalem, which provides a diverse range of professional services to self-employed, employees, companies and nonprofit organizations.

These services include consulting, taxation, auditing, bookkeeping and more

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Our Offices Include 12 Certified Accountants and License Holders and 9 Interns. The Following is the Education of the Senior Employees:

Amos Katz

Accountant C.P.A


Tax Advisor

MA Business Administration

MA Law

Course “Training of Directors in Corporations”

BA degrees in Accounting and Economics under “Business Administration” from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The MA degree in Law is from Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv

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Sara Yossevitz

Accountant C.P.A

BA degrees in Accounting and Bible, Jerusalem College for Girls.

MA Business Administration, Ono Academic College.

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Nehama Linker

Accountant C.P.A

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Orna Bahar

Accountant C.P.A

BA in Business Administration, specializing in accounting, Ono Academic College.

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Roi Katz

Accountant C.P.A

BA in accounting and in the “Amirim for Excellent Students” program, Hebrew University.

MBA in Business Administration, specializing in finance.

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Ariel Katz

Accountant C.P.A

Lawyer Advocate

BA in Accounting and Law, Hebrew University.

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Dikla Seti

Accountant C.P.A

BA in Business Administration, specializing in accounting.


Sarah Wagshel

Accountant C.P.A