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Recently we analyzed the business conduct of many types of businesses in order to identify the factors that prevent them from maximizing profitability and failure to reach their financial goals. From this analysis, five common factors have emerged that are at the root of the problem and even exacerbate it. All derive from one source: the lack of sufficient knowledge in managing and controlling finances.
These factors are:
1. Lack of control over the business’s finances – lack of budget planning versus actual implementation and enforcement. Which leads to:
2. Expenditure being higher than the income on an ongoing basis so that the debts are increasing. Which leads to:
3. An increase in credit consumption as a “solution” to the problem, without really solving the source of the problem. Which leads to:
4. Growing debts and increased expenses. Which leads to:
5. Waste of resources and drawing the attention of the managers to dealing daily with the extinguishing of fires and dealing with crises related to credit (calls from banks, tensions, opening fronts for dealing with suppliers, etc.). Leads to a vicious cycle that repeats itself and worsens each time.

The Solution – Implementation of Precise and Meticulous Financial Management Methods Supported by the Tools Developed by Us and Which Lead To:

1. Creating a positive gap in growth between income and actual expenditure.
2. Clearing all debts (credit and bank loans, suppliers, deferred checks, etc.).
3. Construction of financial cushions growing as reserves.

And the bottom line is a steady increase in the cash flow of the business.

We will be happy to meet with you and present you with the work plan and management tools in order to achieve the above results in your business as well! 

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