Our Firm Specializes in a Wide Range of Professional Services:


The audit services of the financial statements are based on extensive experience and knowledge accumulated in the preparation of corporate reports in a wide range of fields. The audit approach is based on performing thorough audit work, exercising professional judgment and experienced employees in the field. Within the framework of the audit services, understanding the business environment of the controlled business and its modes of operation are emphasized.


The tax services are provided by CPA Amos Katz and CPA Ariel Katz, who specialize in taxation of companies and individuals, and provide services to leading companies in their fields, as well as to companies at the beginning of their path. Services include local and international taxation and accompaniment and consultation in tax planning. Special emphasis is given to subjects such as the Encouragement of Capital Investments Law, Chief Leader, and assistance regarding investment activities.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting services include accompanying senior management in strategic thinking and process analysis in order to formulate them into a business plan. As necessary, research and analysis of the relevant markets is carried out.

Corporate Finance

The company’s consulting services include consulting and accompanying all types of transactions in the field, including:
K Financial consulting in all processes of acquiring companies, selling companies, including close accompaniment of the negotiation process until its conclusion and closing of the transaction.
K Building complex business and financial models as part of a business plan.
K Valuations based on extensive experience gained by the firm.

Due Diligence

The due diligence service includes an examination of businesses for investors. Due diligence usually includes analysis of business operations, audits of bookkeeping and tax data, and analysis of risks and exposures of the business. This service provides the customer with added value in the form of an in-depth business analysis of the activity being examined and identifying the business exposures that exist in it.

Workers Compensation

Employee compensation services include advice on long-term compensation plans. These plans include: employee stock option plans, capital-based compensation plans, advice on bonus plans, performance compensation, the use of advanced performance indicators for the purpose of compensation, and more.

Valuation of Law Firm and Insurance Agents Offices

Our firm specializes in valuing law firms and insurance agents when selling office activity or part thereof, at the time of a merger, when building internal office remunerations, while building retirement arrangements and in disputes between partners or between spouses.
Our firm provides accounting services to leading insurance agents and law firms, and has gained extensive experience in providing these services. Our firm accompanies the buyer and the seller in optimal tax planning in executing the transaction and carrying out due diligence checks.
Among other things, our firm performs valuations of the offices of professionals as experts on behalf of the court.

For additional information: Insurance Agent Valuation

Counseling and Guidance on Retirement from Work

Our firm specializes in financial, tax and pension advice on retirement from work, including what to do with severance pay, executive insurance and pension insurance in case of dismissal or retirement. We provide examinations of the feasibility of receiving a tax exemption for severance pay or alternatively a relative exemption on a pension entitlement, and whether to spread the severance pay and so forth.

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