The firm’s values presented below reflect the beliefs and perceptions upon which the office’s activity is based. These values and principles accompany us in our actions, both in relation to our customers and in relation to ourselves.


We are committed to carrying out all our activities while ensuring full professionalism. The accountants at the firm are top ranking professionals with deep understanding and expertise in their fields of activity.

Fairness and Reliability:

We are committed to respecting and complying with all our obligations in full and without deviations. For us, a word is a word, a promise is a promise, and an agreement is an agreement. We will never shake off the commitment we took on ourselves.

Promoting and Fostering Employees:

We see our employees and human resources as a key to the firm’s success. We invest in promoting and taking care of our employees and are committed to the full observance of labor laws.

Innovation and Creativeness:

We strive to adopt an approach of creativity and innovation in all areas in which we engage. We encourage our employees to think creatively and innovatively, but at the same time conservative and secure.

The Customer is at the center:

We are committed to a close and personal attention to all our customers. We are committed to full availability and to providing full and comprehensive service in accordance with the client’s needs while meeting the schedule set with them. The firm’s activity is based on a customer-oriented strategy that provides our customers with a complete solution, with a deep understanding of the unique business environment that characterizes the field in which it operates. We view every business or company as a separate business unit with different business needs and provide our customers with a comprehensive basket of services, tailored according to the customer’s activity and needs. Every client receives professional care, after careful consideration.

Business Responsibility and Ethics:

We attach great importance to responsible and ethical business conduct, which means transparency, fairness and responsibility to all of our customers, employees, suppliers, the community and the environment.

Social Responsibility:

Since the establishment of the firm, we have been working and investing in nurturing the community and society through donations and sponsorships in many fields such as health, community and society, soup kitchens, and children and teen education. Through these donations and sponsorships, the firm expresses its deep commitment to the connection and involvement in the community and the State, based on the belief that these areas are a key tool for strengthening the community and advancing the future generation.

Environmental Responsibility:

We believe that it is our responsibility to act to promote the environment for a better and cleaner environment. The firm constantly strives to reduce its environmental impact by reducing energy consumption and paper consumption, recycling paper and saving water.

Teamwork and Collaboration:

We believe that cooperation, teamwork and shared thinking enable us to see the big picture and to provide our customers with more professional and comprehensive service, personal attention, close accompaniment and professional response in real time.