What is the Process of Opening a Business?

When opening a new business, it is necessary to work properly and professionally with the authorities, from opening files on VAT, National Insurance and income tax, to regular and ongoing reports, in order to avoid civil and criminal sanctions and to concentrate on building your business with a peace of mind.

How Can We Help You?

Our firm has extensive experience and has assisted in the process of starting a business for hundreds of businesses in Jerusalem and other cities in the state. A full and professional escort of accountants from our office will guide you step by step in opening your business, and will save you from dealing with the authorities.

In addition, we can help you choose the preferred business platform: should you operate as an independent business, an exempt dealer or an authorized dealer, or is it worthwhile to start a company? Contact us and at a free consultation session we can learn about the expected characteristics of the business and help you decide how to operate.

Services in starting a New Business – Amos Katz &co. CPA

  • Consultation in selecting the structure of the activity
  • Opening of files in the tax authorities
  • Comprehensive and professional accompaniment throughout the year
  • Accounting services in the framework of Katz and Katz Management Services Ltd.
  • Filing annual reports, handling tax refunds and more

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