We provide accounting services in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The services have been provided since 1987.
If you are looking for professional, reliable and serious bookkeeping services, you have come to the right place.
We enjoy providing personal and professional service, with an emphasis on full compliance with the provisions of the law, and the utilization of tax benefits and recognition of expenses for tax purposes.

Our Bookkeeping Services Include, Among Other Things:

  • Single-entry bookkeeping for the self-employed
  • Double-entry bookkeeping – for companies, and self-employed individuals with high turnover or who are required to do so according to bookkeeping instructions
  • Bookkeeping of salaries
  • Supplier adjustments, bank adjustments, and customer adjustments – so you’re always in control
  • Perform various financial and accounting calculations
  • Regular and full reports to the tax authorities: Income Tax, VAT and National Insurance
  • Tax planning, including recognition of expenses and utilization of tax benefits
  • Preparation of files for inspection

Katz bookkeeping services are performed by Katz and Katz Management Services Ltd. as implemented as a complementary branch of the firm’s activities.

We recommend that you get a free consultation to review the transfer of bookkeeping to our office.

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