We at Amos Katz &co. exceed in providing expert opinions to the courts and in providing an auditor’s opinion for private needs. The opinions are given on a wide range of subjects, including economic, financial and bookkeeping matters that handle complex tax issues and valuations.

Expert opinion – From an Accounting Firm with Experience of More Than 30 Years

When an expert opinion is submitted to the courts – it is important that the opinion be given by an expert with expertise in the matter of the opinion, and that the opinion will deal with all the subjects that are worthy of discussion and examination. It is also important that the opinion be meticulous and polished in such a way as to minimize the ability of the other party to discuss the matter and to refute what is stated therein. Our firm has accumulated many years of experience in providing solid and firm opinions that serve as the basis for legal rulings. We will be happy to contribute to you with our experience and knowledge, and to provide you with an informed, well-founded and reasoned opinion, professionally prepared and enlightening.

An Auditor’s Opinion for a Wide Range of Needs

Our opinions are submitted not only to the courts, but also to arbitrations, mediations and compromisers, as well as to other private non-legal needs that deal with accounting, economics, taxation, valuations and more.

If you are looking for an accounting firm that will provide you with a reliable and well-established professional opinion, we will be happy to arrange an introductory and consultation meeting for you free of charge. You are welcome to contact us via the website or directly on the phone.

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