Accounting for a Doctor

Our firm, Amos Katz &co. CPA, provides comprehensive support for independent doctors and company owners from the establishment of the clinic to its ongoing management. Our office will provide personal and professional attention at the highest level and maximum investment in the promotion and development of your business while maintaining the requirements and provisions of the law.

From 1987 to the present, we provide a variety of services to a large number of doctors who have an independent business and make sure that each of our clients takes advantage of the tax benefits to which he is entitled as an independent doctor or company owner. We are meticulous in following the specific instructions that apply to doctors while working in a thorough and continuous manner in order to enable business owners to concentrate on business activities and enable the clinic to grow. We at Amos Katz &co. provide each client with solutions that match the business environment of his field, as well as our medical customers. During our 30 years of experience, our firm has accumulated extensive knowledge of the rights and duties of the doctors who run a private business, and these enable us to advise on making informed economic decisions and to bring your business to prosperity.

Among the Services Provided by Our Firm are:

• Full accounting services for doctors according to the instructions applicable to them.
• Editing and auditing financial statements for companies.
• Economic feasibility tests in the context of the establishment of clinics.
• Submission of an annual report to the tax authorities.
• Representation with the Income Tax Authorities, National Insurance and VAT.
• Business and strategic consulting for the opening of new clinics and existing clinics.

Here we enjoy the services of an accountant to a doctor at the highest level, while maintaining personal attention and providing a quick and professional response to any issue. At the same time, we are meticulous in guiding and implementing the unique management instructions for doctors.

We provide our accounting services in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem professionally, with dedication, care and attention to every detail. If you are a doctor with an independent business at any stage or want to start a business of this kind, we are here for you. We invite you to a consultation session free of charge and without obligation, to examine the above services, as well as the additional professional services offered by us. Contact us and arrange their meeting today to examine the possibility of receiving professional services of the highest order.

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