Katz and Katz Trust Company (1989) Ltd.

Katz & Katz Trust Company (1989) Ltd. has extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of the management of various assets in trust, including legal experts, accountants, financial advisors, organizational consultants, economists and insurance agents. The trust company as a corporation has advantages over individuals with respect to long-term trust agreements.

Katz and Katz Trust Company (1989) Ltd. offers the following services:

Lending Companies

If the client wishes that his name does not appear or register as the owner of a certain asset (land, house, company shares, finance, etc.), he will be asked that the asset is fully controlled by Katz and Katz Trust Company (1989) Ltd. The loaned company will register the property in its name, in trust for it and will act in accordance with its instructions through the Trust Company. This type of asset management and corporate loan transactions is especially suitable for foreign residents who are interested in reasons arising from the laws of their countries of residence, whose names will not appear in any legal book. Needless to say, this arrangement is made according to the laws of the State of Israel and with the consent of the competent authorities.

Buying, Selling and Managing Properties

Real estate management (sale or purchase of an apartment, house, plot, or industrial building) requires professional knowledge and experience. In this field, the company represents Israeli and foreign customers as sellers or buyers of real estate. If the client wishes to rent the property, the trust company will be able to serve them, including locating tenants, signing a lease, collecting rents, investing money, paying taxes and maintaining the property. If necessary, the company will provide the customer with a qualified appraiser to assess the asset.

Holding Shares in Trust

The trust company holds shares in trust in the following cases: * Shares for shareholders in private companies wishing to remain anonymous. * Shares of employees or interested parties in public companies that issue shares in the stock exchange, which according to the prospectus are supposed to be frozen for certain periods.

Property Arrangements – Continuity in Family-Owned Businesses

Our company employs experts in property arrangements – dealing with the problems of business continuity. Their occupation includes the familiarity of the family business system with all its forms, and the formulation of a proposal for arrangements that will enable family members to continue to live as a family, even if one of the members of the family goes along the path of each person. The property arrangements are based on a basic willingness to seek an arrangement of such property that will enable the continuation of the business and its proper management while preserving the dignity, wishes and aspirations of the family members, and taking into consideration the specific family structure of the family for which the property arrangement was made. Thus, the business continuity is maintained as a business, the integrity of the family and the value of a business and private property.

Execution of Wills and Estate Management

In order to control the client’s assets, after his longevity, according to his wishes and plans, he must make a will (without a will the property is divided according to the law, which is not necessarily identical to the will of the mitzvah). The company handles the execution of wills and the management of estates according to the subscription of a court. As the executor of the will, the company deals with the execution of the will, receivership, accounting, reporting to the court, payment of various taxes that apply to the estate, and especially respect for the last will of the mitzvah. The experience and means at the company’s disposal enable us to provide advice on preparing wills even in complex family situations.

Management of Financial Assets in Trust

Investment of the customer’s money in a variety of financial assets such as securities, structured deposits, foreign currency, savings plans, etc., according to his instructions or at the discretion of the company, all according to the client’s wishes and in full coordination with them. The company manages financial assets even for customers who wish to remain anonymous while maintaining total discretion. Financial assets are managed by professional experts who adjust the composition of the investment to the state of the market through economic analyzes in order to achieve proper profitability.

Management of Financial Assets in Trust for Foreign Residents

Manage accounts in trust for foreign residents interested in anonymity. These accounts will be managed in Israel, in the name of the trust company or in its name, at the customer’s choice. The foreign resident determines the investment range, depending on the nature of his investment and his goals, and can realize his investment at any time.

Management of Private Funds and Endowments

The company handles the establishment and operation of private foundations for the benefit of confidential, adults, children, minors, missing persons and more. The company also manages funds for alimony payments in case of divorce. The management of a fund requires the appointment of an experienced trustee, who is authorized to conduct it according to the law.

Management of Public Funds and Endowments

In public dedications, the company handles, among other things, the establishment of the sanctuary and obtaining the necessary approvals from the Dedication Registry, including exemption from income tax, investment of funds, distribution of scholarships, reporting to various devotees and institutions. A professional and experienced team advises and assists in the realization of the various financial resources available to the institutions.

Donations and Gifts

In donations to public institutions (schools, hospitals, universities, research institutes, etc.), which require monitoring and supervision of the use of gift money or donations, the company takes care of the financial investments and ensures that the funds are indeed dedicated to the set goal.

Asset Trusts Must be Bankrupt

The company handles the maintenance and management of assets of a debtor declared bankrupt in order to distribute the proceeds among its creditors.